If anybody had cheeks so pink that you'd swear roses grew 'round her face, it would definitely be her. But this is not why she is beautiful.

   Her hair falls in soft waves, and the sun loves to play catch with her locks. They flash a golden brown sometimes, in the right weather. But this is not why she is beautiful.

   She carries herself like a princess who lives in a forest, graceful yet free and always running around with wildflowers in her hair. But this is not why she is beautiful.

   She is beautiful because she doesn't live her life for herself. Every strum, every song and every breath is for her King. Everyday she choses to die to the desires of her flesh and the passions of this world. She strives to live a life worthy of her calling, and that she does.

   She is beautiful because she isn't the type of princess who just sits there in her tower looking woeful and pretty at the same time. No. She is the type of princess who is out on the battlefield, wears a helmet, who wraps her feet in peace, who carries a double-edged sword, and whose faith holds everything in place. She is a warrior, and she makes sure that she doesn't fight alone.

   She is beautiful because that beauty overflows from a heart that beats to the rhythm of its Maker. She drinks in the presence of the Star-breather, and joy warms every inch of her, setting her face aglow. A day does not go by where she does not tell Him she loves Him, and He loves her so.

   But there is a time for everything, and the day arrived where this princess was called to fight elsewhere. It's been a while since I last held a conversation with her, since she last gave me advice on matters of the Kingdom, yet I will never forget how beautiful she was. How beautiful she is.

   I hope you're reading this, Ate Chessie, and know that your life has left a deep imprint on mine and encouraged me to live one that seeks my King with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my strength, and with all my soul.

   I'd like to honor and thank you for being the first person to whet my appetite for His Word, especially because it was during a time when I was starting to numb. Maybe you don't always know it, especially when your shield grows heavy and your eyes lose their fire, but you are so beautiful.

   More than you'll ever know.


This blog post is part of Victory Philippines' media movement to encourage its church members to revisit its core values. This week's topic is discipleship. #MyVictoryStory

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